Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Weltkulturschock

The World-Cultural-Heritage & The World-Cultural-Shock

Protection of Tenants


Seizure of Power of the only one Empress.      


The respective lawyer's costs of the tenants bears the treasury, whereby the called "uniform rate" of a lawyer may be fixed in a respectively adequate hourly wage.


Grounds: It was not enabled as a rule by the respective leader of the state to protect and to benefit the by nature given values to every individual person, separate in the contrary, they were ignored and by the images of the respective rulers were created own values and therefore the individual person has no real security for the whole life.


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany  www.ursulasabisch.netsempress.net

To the

Solicitor's Office

Lawyer for Labour Legislation 

Rent Right and Condominium Right 



Germany, Luebeck, 22nd of March, 2018



Tenant's protection and rent collections worldwide.

Free English translation. That German-language document you may find here! 


Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Legal Doctrine and Judicative, Dear Mr. J. E.,

How my person could infer from the phone book, you represent as a legal lawyer the rent right and also you represent the renters in the rent-matter.

In this specific case my person turns as "the only one render female" now to you and your whole colleague's circle, which could live as a rule by the harm or by the quarrel of other people well to very well!

Not only herewith your branch is demanded, but all branches, which can profit or were able to profit by the harm, by the hatred and by the quarrel or by the compulsive situations of other people, what also increasingly will concern the honorary activities.

Now that`s the end of this acquisitive and sharp method more or less!

There are of course also people from your and other branches, which have exerted themselves, indeed, for the right of the weaker ones and have compaigned  to take care of justice.

At last one can recognise by the wallet or by the claims for possession of the individual one or his forefathers, that it was lived too high at the expenses of other people!

Now the claims for possession are changing slowly indeed and hopefully in the right direction alternately.

Because also the tenants have rights and not only my person "the one render female", but there is of course also the one renter, my person writes now this letter what, unfortunately, also must be published, because my person must wait quite obviously for her intended chancellor, although the time has become the main opponent for everybody.

For that reason my person wishes that you and your whole colleague's circle will prepare a report of these questions and matter of the tenants as the called legal representatives of every tenant or every tenant female, whose may dispose of the free choice of a legal representative in all juridical and tenant-juridical questions in the matter, but the rights will change now for natural reasons or have already changed and must be taken seriously to very much seriously.

There is by the renter and from the part of the tenant a mutual obligation to give information in the matter and commission of our all Lord and Creator and this obligation my person has already followed what, regrettably, for a tenant quite obviously was or is not given the natural obligation anymore; on the contrary and therefore a diabolical control against the renters was given or is given.

With a hardness and severity my person will take care of the fact, that an accordingly adequate consideration must occur or however it will follow a pay off, which packs a punch!


Now it`s also time for an adequate chancellor of my person and firstly my person thought to mine former lawyer Mr. G. M. F. and secondly suggest the present Federal Presidents, Mr. W. S., for this high office.

The condition or requirement by nature are of cause, that the present Federal President will remove the Castle Bellevue in Berlin and takes care of the move of the real castle owner absolutely, but it will not concern the direct renter, however, the leader in waiting, the King, what is not to be underestimated in the matter!

Of course King J. also has available every right concerning as a renter throughout Europe and worldwide and therefore we are Three direct people in the matter and commission.

My person hopes that you and other people will understand my partial rough and clear expression in a manner to be having in the matter and commission, which will conform the spirit of the times and will entail therefore hopefully still a polite tone.

However, also the requirements of course are high for everybody, but there are not only the renters, because also the tenants, whereby some tenants have to come up special rights, what is to be taken from my various homepages and concerning this, mainly the castles of our world are demanded.


I do hope that the Cudgel of my person must not take over everything, what can be also regulated by the healthy common sense, but the "real and lawful Owner" may not be forgotten at the end!

Thus I remain Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch



The document was completed. 23 March 2018/  16 April 2021.